Ends on October 4, 2017

ELIGIBILITY: Open to students in grades 10-12, living in New York City

PROGRAM DATES: November 1, 2017 to May 16, 2018

PROGRAM TIMES: Wednesday afternoons, 4:00-6:30pm

LOCATION: Smack Mellon Gallery, 92 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

From November through mid-January, the group will meet at Smack Mellon and will depart for studio visits at 4:00pm. From late January through May, students will go directly from school to their Artist Mentor’s Studio. 

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, October 4, 2016

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION – The Program is FREE for Participants


Art Ready is a mentorship program designed to give high school students the opportunity to experience firsthand what it is like to be a professional working in a visual arts discipline. Students will meet a wide range of artists from emerging to well known and enter into mentorships by professional artists. Students who complete Art Ready will be informed, educated, and prepared to make a decision about pursuing a future career in the arts.

About the Organization

Smack Mellon's mission is to nurture and support emerging, under-recognized mid-career, and women artists in the creation and exhibition of new work by providing exhibition opportunities, studio workspace, and access to equipment and technical assistance for the realization of ambitious projects. We see ourselves as a vehicle whereby under-represented artists can create, explore, and exhibit their creative ideas outside the concerns of the commercial art world, offering many artists the exposure and recognition they deserve. In 2007, Smack Mellon initiated Art Ready to extend its artistic services to creative high school students.

Group Visits

From November until mid-January, the group of 20 high school students visit Artist Mentor studios and arts institutions with the guidance of Smack Mellon’s program manager. Art Ready visits artists in the fields of graphic design, sculpture, painting, video, photography, accessories design, collage, and drawing. Visits take place Wednesday afternoons 4:00-6:30pm.

Artist Mentorships

After the group has visited all the Mentors, each student works with one Artist Mentor from late January through May in the Mentor’s studio. Students attend their mentorships in groups of up to 4 students, from 4:00-6:30pm on Wednesdays. Our Artist Mentors are a varied group of professionals that represent the ethnic and artistic diversity of NYC. In keeping with Smack Mellon’s mission, a majority of the Mentors are women. Our Mentors are also selected based on their interest in sharing their knowledge, experience and skills with students, and all have prior teaching or mentoring experience. All are successful in their field.

Field Trips

During the mentorship period students continue to meet as a group for gallery and museum trips. Past field trips have included a tour of the Brooklyn Museum, a trip to the NADA art fair, and an art-making workshop at Urban Glass.

Final Exhibition

Art Ready culminates in an exhibition of work created during the program in Smack Mellon’s 6,000 square foot gallery space. Smack Mellon hosts an evening opening reception for students, mentors, families, and friends that is also advertised to the general public.


Please answer the questions on all sections of the application honestly and to the best of your ability. The information in your application is strictly confidential and will only be used by Smack Mellon staff and mentors for the purpose of best meeting the needs of our program participants. You must also provide the name and contact info for a teacher or counselor at your school or another youth program who can be contacted as a reference. Finalists will be interviewed and up to 20 students will be selected with these criteria in mind: their interest in pursuing a career in the arts, their ability to attend every session and complete a 4-month mentorship, and the quality of their application.


Part 1: Completed Application Form

Part 2: Completed Essay Questions

Part 3: Two (2) Artwork Samples labeled with your name

Part 4: Release Form signed by a Parent/Guardian (will be emailed to applicants upon completion of this form)

Part 5: Permission to Use Photographs Release Form signed by a Parent/Guardian (will be emailed to applicants upon completion of this form)

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